The Sauce:

All BBQ Sandwiches are served with Goodstuff Eats own all Natural BBQ Sauce with no Corn Syrup of any type. 
Sauce is a Tomato based sauce blended with “Smoked Mango” and “Mixtec” Fermented Hot Pepper sauce from AWE-SAUCE in Evanston.


#Beef Jerky – $10

3.2 oz of 100% Smoked Eye of round Beef Jerky.

– Current Flavor: Kick’n Pequin Teriyaki (medium spicy)


#1 Rib Tip Combo – $15

8 oz of rib tips, ½ sweet potato, pickled radish, and a roll.

#2 Slider Special

(3 sliders, ½ smoked sweet potato, pickled radish, BBQ Sauce

Pork  Shoulder – $15 
“Root Down” Pork Belly -$16
Pastrami – $20

#3 Nature’s Treat – $18

Large, sliced sweet potato topped with your choice of meat,
smothered in local pickles and BBQ sauce.

– Choice of Meat: Brisket, Pork, Rib Tips, Belly

#All the GOODSTUFF – Meat Sampler – $35

A mixture of all the Meats offered that day(over 1 Lb of meats), 
Sweet potato, Roll, Slaw BBQ Sauce.

#Papa Ganoush 7+ Layer Veganwich – $18

Smoked baba ganoush spread served on Oregon Herb vegan bread,
topped with sliced smoked sweet potato, smoked eggplant, smoked
pepper, arugula, and lemon juice

– Includes chips


FRIDAYS: Rib Tips or Baby Back Rib – $22

Full Pound of tips, Saucy, with Roll and slaw.

SATUR/SUNDAYS: Cherry Smoked Bratwursts – $11

Handmade from Paulina Meat Market, infused with
Temperance Oktoberfest Marzen Lager.
– on Brat Roll Covered in Dilly Dally Provisions Spicy Beer Mustard and Sauerkraut


Pastrami on Rye – $18

(Served Hot or Cold) 
7 Day Brined Pastrami on top Freshest Rye, Dilly Dally Provisions Spicy Beer mustard(made with Root Down Beer), sauerkraut and onions.
Served with chips and a pickle.

SANDWICHES (all served with Pickled Slaw)


Xtra Meat: $6

Pulled/Smashed Pork Shoulder

(Usually served on a Pretzel Roll)
Xtra Meat: $3

Pastrami – $18

(Served Hot or Cold) 
7 Day Brined Pastrami on top Freshest Rye, Dilly Dally Provisions Spicy Beer Mustard,

– Served With Kosher Pickle and Bagged Chips

Cherry Smoked Bratwurst – $10

Add bun for $1

Vegetarian Sandwich Special– $12-$17
(Check with Chef for daily availability based on season)


Smoked Mango – $5

Smoked Sweet Potato


Dirty Chips – $2

(BBQ, Jalapeno, Salt and Vinegar, Salt and Peper ) 

Smoked Golden Beet Hummus – $8
Add Crux de tas – $4


Sasquatch Paws 1 Ct – $5

Sasquatch Paws 2 Ct – $9

Sasquatch Paws= Oversized Turtle Pralines

Bread Pudding: Coming Soon


Rib Tips

½ LB: $12
1LB: $22

14 Hr Prime Smoked Brisket

1/2 LB: $18
1 LB: $35

10 HR Smoked Juicy Pork Shoulder

1/2 Lb $16
1 LB: $28

Root Down” Glazed Pork Belly 
1/2 LB – $16
1 LB – $30

Pastrami(Thinly Sliced)

½ LB: $20
1 LB: $38

Hatch Maple Hot Smoked Salmon(limited Availability)

(Served cold, in pre packaged pouches)
$2.50 PER OZ